Taj Mahal -the wonder 

Hello lovely people! Welcome to Fashion fairies, hope you all are doing great Vacation is on! And here I am talking you guys to the TAJ! 

Taj Mahal located in Agra near Delhi is one of the seven wonders in the world !as we all know it was built by mugal  emperor  shah jahaan in the memory Of his beloved wife mamthaz.

Taj Mahal is the ivory white Marble monument which is also studed with gems.the white beautiful monument and it’s architecture will make you fall in love with it 

I visited  the Taj Mahal very nexted day from manali! I had experienced the  Snow fall in  Manali and the extreme high  temperature and buring sun  ☀ in Agra it was like jumping into  hot pan from the freezer. 

The sun was literally killing and I really couldn’t click much of pictures.if you are thinking of visiting  the Taj Mahal!then please note that Taj   will be closed on  fridays !

Spent  some quality time in Taj Mahal  and we had to rush to airport because of our flight! So we couldn’t visit other  places in Agra.although heart was filled with beauty of Taj !and the splendid beauty of Yamuna river was even more mesmerizing 

Hope you people  liked reading this! Happy weekend lovelies  !xoxo

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