Hello! Welcome to fashionfairies hope you all are doing great 

Summer’s on and I literally feel it’s the perfect time for a vacation.

So here’s a travel vlogue on this place,which is a must visit travel DESTINATION. 

The first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘BOAT HOUSE’ is Allapiey or Allaphuza isn’t it ? But this one’s Different.

Our plan was soulely to visit the bekal fort a truly mesmerizing beauty​ and while going through Google maps found this boat house, surprisingly close to bekal , so we just enquired and pre-booked the boat-house !

Day 1:  In the morning  headed towards bekal fort via coorg, the view was Fascinating and  We reached nileshwar approximately 250km from Mysore

Later , We visited the bekal fort and spent some quality time ! The view of the bekal fort was spectacular .

As it was time of dusk ,  The sun seemed  ready to dive into beach ! We quickly reached the beach park and sun set on the sea shore Melted my heart ! And spent the night at nileshwar resorts ambiance, hospitality everything was perfect 

Next day After some quality time at the resort , reached the boat house and All​ set to spend our day there!

The boat house which we had pre-booked was supercool !which was well furnished! It had 2 bedrooms and a kitchen also a big dining area with music system 

Sipping on some lemon juice with a soothing music our journey in the boat house began , clicking​ pictures, Munching on some local delicacies and relaxing the journey went on 
It was a round trip of 50km in the backwater with an amazing site of nature , tall coconut trees ,calm water ,  peaceful time

Our lunch was  specially prepared in the boat house itself . Fishing , swimming were​ few things we enjoyed doing.

And it was already time to Leave​, and we were off to Mysore! It was such a memorable one !

Hope you enjoyed reading it ! Until next time!

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