Hello people! Welcome to fashion fairies! Hope you All are doing good.

It’s summer and the temperature Is damn high ,Part of the year when we feel dehydrated , sweat and skin tann worries ? 

Here are some tips which would help you beat the heat !  And make you  summer ready 


 Tip 1: WATER  

Water is one of the most important part of our diet

Make sure you drink enourmous amount of water , which Will keep your​ body hydrated


Tip 2:  Cleanse –scrub-pack 

Cleanse your face with a gentle face wash/cleanser , don’t use harsh chemical cleansers try going​ with natural cleansers if your skin is sensitive !

Scrubbing helps you to remove all the dead cells and the blackheads ,if your skin is prone to acne , avoiding scrubbing as it would worsen ances

Tone your skin with mild tonners like rose water 

Tip 3 : Sun screen

Don’t Ever forget to apply sunscreen before you step out ,always select a sunscreen with a higher SPF which will protect you from the sun , its better to  apply sunscreen twice a day 


Tip 4 : DETOX 

If you want to get glowing healthy skin naturally then all you have to do is just detox your​ body and skin 

Cummber, lemon,and other fruits and veggies help you detox naturally and easily 

Green tea! Ofcourse this is one of the best drink on Earth !Which is loaded with antioxidants which helps you to brighten skin complexion and also helps in weight loss 


 5: Hair care 

Massage your hair with coconut oil and you can also add olive oil and almond oil which will nourish scalp and improves the hair growth

So These were some of the easiest tips to keep you skin and body healthy in summer , hope you found it helpful

Image courtesy – Pinterest

See you soon !


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