Holi ! Things to do ?

Hello peeps ! Welcome to fashionfairies hope you’re all doing great ! It’s summer and to beat the heat we have holi coming soon ! 

So today we are gonna share some tips like what you have to do before and after playing holi that will help you protect yourself from head-to-toe ! So all you beautiful girls let’s get started 

Holi ! The festival of colours 😍holi is one of the most celebrated festival across India and its one of my favourite too! It’s such a joy to play with colours and water with family and friends but then these colors are not good for skin !We girls don’t like getting pimples or allergies don’t we?  Since prevention is better than cure this tips below will help you prevent the damages past holi !

Follow these steps and be flawless 

Tip 1: moisturizer : apply a thick coat of moisturizer and nourish your skin prior to holi so that these colours doesn’t dry out your skin 

Tip 2: Vaseline ! yes ,this is most important Apply Vaseline to your nail tips of hands and legs and ears !So that colors don’t stain too long 

Tip3: hair care    now application of oil or serum to your hair is a must ! Colours splashed on your   hair can damage the root tips and hair becomes dry  and fragile so  oiling is the best way to prevent the damage 

Tip4: lipbalm with SPF  how can we forget this !Lip balm with an SPF can do wonders and it acts as a saviour  it prevents Chapped and dry lips 

Tip5 : it’s better to wear full length clothes so that it prevents sun tann

to do after Holi 

Step 1 : scrub ! Yes you heard that rite , scrubbing or exfoliating your skin will gently clean your skin by removing all the impurities !So scrub your body using a mild scrub.

Step 2: after scrubbing and washing your skin it’s necessary to moisturize it so that it doesn’t look dry apply any moisturizer of your choice and keep it hydrated. 

Step 3: conditioner yes girls don’t forget to apply conditioner after washing your hair which will nourish your hair .

That’s all you have to do ! Hope this will help you all !Enjoy your holi keep rocking and for more updates stay tuned to fashionfairies . Hope you all have colourful weekend 😍


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