7ways to style a shirt dress😉

Hey dear one’s!Happy weekend 😍😘,hope you all are doing great

We girls love wearing new clothes everyday but wearing a same cloth in different ways makes you smart and creative  so let’s get started

Look 1: plaids and high waist

For the ones who love to wear something like a Tom boy? Here you go !Tuck in your top and keep rocking and this will be always apt, shoes and shades are just enough ! it’s this easy

Look 2: dress merry

Just the dressy way perfect for a brunch date or chilling with friends, style it with a belt for more curves ! And accessorie as your choice
Look 3: layering

Layering is a quick fashion fix which instantly boots your fashion sense and is highly effective style statement , add a sling or a fringe bag to complete the look
Look 4 : casual hues
This one’s a simple and go-to look for every college girl, just girly yet satisfyingly apt for a casual day or an outing 
Look 5 : style diva
Buttons down and turn your top into a cardigan with a tanktop it’s cosy and so comforting be it outdoor or indoor , it keeps you warm , also a choker makes a huge difference
Look 6 : stripes on
Play with Colors , grab you basic tee and simply wear or tie your top for a cool and breezy look , your style statement on point !
Look 7 : kontty 
Grab those hanging extra fabric below URL waist and tie a knot for that tie-top in no time, stay classy with accessories on a main stream !
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See you soon !

Fashionfairies 😍

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