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Hey dear one’s 😘😍 happy weekend people !

Tamil nadu, the land of temples situated on the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula.

This gateway to the south,offers everything that excites a visitor…!
The journey from Mysore strated towards “Tamilnadu”,the parts of the tamil nadu I  had seen  was completely hot , extremely sunny and I was  worried of getting tannedπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚.

But surprisingly this part of the tamil nadu  πŸ˜ the roads were too gorgeous splendid greens beauty it is! I literally fell in love with beauty of those roads,

Paddy fields which ever golden and palm treesπŸ’“  tall long green plan trees which were bent caught me like 
I always find something new in every sunsets and sunrises,this sunrise is indeed special!
After clicking the beautiful sunsine our journey started from the thirutarupondi to Nagapattinam in the EASTERN COASTAL line

These roads  something really very different !Like you could find a lotus pond ,lake with water every now and then !

As we reached Nagapattinam and headed towards Velankanni church !I was super-excited !Beach vibes😍

VELANKANNI the famous church of the virgin mother. People of all  faith visit the shrine. 
I could see very big ,huge,large white chruch  but  I couldn’t wait to see the beach !

Thoes waves and sea shells and the boats sailing looked like 
Walking on the shore , waiting for the wave and jumping on ,writing names on shore  and simply wait 

for the waves this was what we did πŸ™Œ and yeah tried to catch a tiny crab but couldn’t 😁

Found a turtle and ran towards it ,but later gotto know that it was dead πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

After spending  enough time at beach   

PS: it wasn’t enough for me  to click more pictures πŸ˜€πŸ˜›

We moved on to the chruch the shine was shining bright and temperature was raising up ! And so got this  Kulfi on shore 

As we went we saw people buying candels which is common everywhere but what surprised me was salt packets and those flowers

This journey was special and learnt many things,

All thanks to my dad’s friend who accompanied our journey to Velankanni and explained every bit 

He had got  some candles and salt packets and flowers too ! Went in to the chruch and prayed and saw people praying with candles and later lighting up the candles and filling the salt to pot in there as an offering to God and so we did it 

It was evening by the time we visited many chruch and moments in and around Velankanni and we left to THANJAVUR πŸ’—πŸ’•

The THANJAVUR vlog will be up on the blog  soon !Stay tuned for more exciting journey !Hope you all like it😍

Cya lovelies !Happy weekend 

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