Eye makeup – tips & tricks 

Its weekend and we are here again ! Make-up is every girl’s favorite thing on planet and eye makeup plays a major role as eyes near fail to draw attention ! Playing with eye makeup is my favourite thing to do !

 Be it mascara on lash or a wing liner , we girls love it all ! Don’t we ? And today we’re are sharing some hacks and tips for a perfect eye-makeup ! So get ready for tips and hacks ! Also a DIY winged eyeliner stencil at the end 😊


  • Magic wand –  sweep  mascara inwards for a bigger and brighter eyes in no time 
  • Brows on fleek – pick up and coveryour eyebrows with a brown eyepencil for instant and more  natural looking brows 
  • Conceal – application of concealer
      • under your eyes not only  hides dark circles also liftups the lower waterline for clean look

  • Highlight – apply a highlighter to incorners of your eye to avoid hooded eyes.  

Tips on how to achieve a perfect Wing 

Wing is pretty , but don’t forget to try these steps below to make it more pretty !

  • To start first prep your eyes with a concealer 
  • Then start by lining your upper lashes by a thin coat and extend it  to your outer eye corners 
  • Then fill up the space to achieve a simple wing !  

If your not in a hurry then gel eyeliner will give you that lushious look 

If your a beginner and tried to get a pretty wing but ended up out of the way, then this hack is for you 

Cut a thick sheet of paper into a square of  5cms then mark and draw wing as your choice then cut and place on your eyes and just fillout with your liner ! 

Tada you have got your wings ! Keep it rocking 

Wakeup, makeup & show-up 😜😜 

Fashion fairies ❤

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  1. Bunny says:

    Ayy. Sundari nitya😘😘


  2. Rashmi ak says:

    Thank you for the eye make up tip and tricky

    Navy’a nithya

    Liked by 1 person

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