What’s trending  – this season 

Hello dear one’s welcome to fashion fairies💕 !We are back with all the lastest fashion updates and style  so get ready to upgrade your wardrobe for this wedding season 😍! 

We’ve put together 3 ethnic looks which you can easily find in your place ! Bare with us for a while and check it out 😊.  If you have to attend weddings of friends or relatives which are lined up and your puzzled figuring out what to wear , hear is a quick fix which will surely turn your attire into an apposite one 

Royal elegance 

Ethinc vogue is back in to action , and this azure outfit is crowning and matchless , foolproof  outfit and no need for any asthetic jewelry coz this dress has it all . 
The top is a maxi slit facile one dichotomized with printed skirt . The color plays a major part as it’s Co-ordinated with prints allover it !
Queenin corals
This designer Solitary chunk stole my heart ,  no matter how colourful and lavish other dress be , this one is the showstealer ! 
 One Can’t get enough of those opulent prints of peacock abound the skirt 
and the blouse emblished with stones 
and the back cut is groovy 😊 
absolutely an outstanding outfit
Fusion Facile

Fusion is faultless and if your owe to expirmenting new looks then this is a must try look !
 All it takes is a little creativeness .  I have matched the  above skirt with a white shirt which transformed the entire look
 and accessoried with an ethnic neckline to finish the look 😁
We believe this was favarouble , enjoy the fat-Indian weddings well-liked 😄 see you soon

Love – fashionfairies 💙💕💙

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    Looking Osm both of u…😊🙏

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