Hello folks, welcome to fashion fairies ! Hope your  having a good weekend, let’s get started with this week’s post ! JEANS are everyone’s go to option 😁 well that being said , having knowledge about the fit , shades and types of jean is recommended and here we are to guide you about the same 😀 

3 things to keep in mind before investing on your jean 

 1.If you can grab the fabric anywhere on your jeans above your knees with ease then they are too loose

2.The rite jeans must sit straight without any wrinkles 

3.The pockets must be slightly smaller or larger than your plam

And now moving on to jean types ,

Jean styles :

Skinny , straight-leg , boot-cat , boyfriend , culeto , high waist , mid rise , low rise and so on….

Jean shades are enormous , but then black or a blue  will go with everything! So it’s a must have !

And we have created a lookbook on the currently trending jeans styles 

Ripped boyfriend jean

Ripped jean in regular blue shade


Ripped – ink blue shade

High-rise acid_wash blue 

Relaxed culetos

Jeans are Versatile, comfy and apt for anywhere , anytime ! Hope this was a helpful guide on jeans ! Happy times 😊

Fashionfairies 🔙🔜

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