vestito ! styling that single dress

Hello lovely readers, hope your having a good weekend . Well , girls we’ve got a post filled with colors today !  Bored of wearing your favorite dress the same way ? Wondering how you can manipulate it?? Or wishing to style it uniquely!! Well your in the rite place😁

Every girl has a favorite frock and a story behind it, but in reality we restrict our little dress for parties and so on , pushing in and  staking them in the wardrobe for long-term isn’t really cool !

so here we have a lookbook which inspires you to create an endless possibilities of styling your favorite little dress 😀 Enjoy!

Ready in Red 

My Sisy is obsessed with red and everything related ! So she preferred styling it with playful colors andding warmth to here outfits 

Look 1 : the dressy way ! 

Crushing over reds , yes the dress itself is a fest , with pleats and ruffle arround ! Don’t you think it’s  too pretty to handle ?

Look 2 : top it up! 

Tucking the frock inside a silky skirt is way too gorgeous ! Yes you’ve got it princess👰

Look 3 :  A  classystar !

White and red ,when  worn together makes you adorable😄 when you can’t find a red skirt like me , turn your dress into a skirt like I did 
Peech from the fall pallet 

Look 1 : high and low as you go !
If you ask me ,  then styling your dress with metallic accessories is like ,up level on your game 😎 Enthralling ain’t it 😌😻
Look 2 : denim ! Yes it works 
Working  with denim is exquisite, be sassy and workaholic once ! And a bun for that precised look, Aww cutie girl 😉 
Look 3 : exploring  diva !

Yes you Dora girl, when exploring is your thing , rock on with a bling ! Half top knot is may fav🙈 and don’t forget your comfy sneakers😂 So lost imaging yourself in these oufits ? And why is that wait for ??😠  Go ahead !  swag in style;)

Until next week👻



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