how to – deal with HAIR COLOR  

Hey there pretty people! In  Today’s  post I will be  sharing with you some tips and hacks on hair coloring including expirements on our hair 😀

Our story😂

 yes me and my twin did  try  some colours  to figure out which suited the best for our hair , so let’s get into this! 

Past year my Twiniee was so obsessed with hair colour and so after her exams, she got her streak’s in shades of light gold and managed to get all eyes on her💁  trust me it was no harm, though it wasn’t a permanent one 

And after a few months, I mean this year, I decided to get my hair colored and With in a wink I had pink streak:D indeed it was good but then soon after 2-3 wash the color was literally changing and finally turned golden brown😂 and that’s gud too ?!

while my Sisy got her hair completely colored in lighter shade of brown , but soon she was in vain since her roots too were brown 😦  again she got her roots colored black  and this time it was perfect ! And now she flaunts her gorgeous hair every single day!!:) 

How to choose my perfect color?

Tips – 

It’s obvious for girls like me to get overwhelmed with endless choice of colors out there, but it’s always too if your opting for a color which is in two shades lighter or darker than your original hair color

Also there are there are many brands of which you can choose a quality one , else you’d end up messing!  I would rather say it’s better to consult your hair stylist so that you can get a clear picture about the color brand being used.

Colors like pink, brown , red , gold en-brown are preferable for girls with skin tone like mine ! But there ain’t any restrictions trying out different colors are cool like blonds with blue or purple even green are good for an edgy bolder look 😉

You can even try some temporary hair color like those chalks, sprays but results may vary! And a good wash is all it takes to get your hair back  to your usual color:D ain’t that Super quick and easy? 

So if you girls are thinking of trying it , go ahead!! Hope you found it informative ! Thanks for your time here :D:)

Until next post 


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