Casual Vibes 

Hey there Blogger babes ! Hope you guys are doing good:)welcome to our blog again!

 There are times when me and my sister dress up as though we’re walking through a runway😂 and also times when we don’t feel like dressing up so 😦 I’m sure it’s not only me or my sister who suffer from these blues, so here is an oufit which would make you look effortlessly funky and stylish! Remember as cool as you carry yourself!

Simple street style fashion is always a quick fix remedy when your not in mood to dress up but you want to look good as well!So check out my ootd for a simple and casual day !

I wore a neon yellow halter top which I picked up from koovs neon colours light up your boring wardrobe  also I intend to wear them when stressed,so I could get over moodswings if any ! And a regular skin fit black denim like so or a distressed jean is wat I opt for,on such lazy days 

To be more specific , I wore this flattering cape cargidan from MAX stores:Dfiguratively , I feel cape cardigans are an easy-peasy way to get away in style 

accessories – I dangled a choker around my neck, since the halter top was plain the choker suspensions worked well! and I added a metallic silver studded bracelet along with some spiral rings which was in the previous post. Lastly I just picked up a casual flats to stay comfortable!

Tips – If your going for a plain tee you can always add a statement neckpiece which works absolutely fine. Or just go for a choker like I did! You can even try chains with layers too . Opting for some gud lip colour is also fine which is essential for a bold look !

Hair – tamed loose hair is ideal if you’re in a hurry:D , else if you find a couple of minutes then spare it for a quick hair-do 

My hair –   I just sectioned my front hair in two equal parts and then just braided and secured it as usual and  left rest of my hair loose  😉 that is it ! ain’t it quick and easy?  

So girls go on and flaunt your self effortlessly with these tips 😁 even if it’s a lazy day, who cares ? When your a fashionista! 

 Have a good day everyone 🙂

  • Fashionfairies👻😻👅👟🌟

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      1. You’re welcome 😊

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  1. You are so cute and the outfit you are wearing is fabulous! I love the casual vibe created with basic jeans and the cape thrown on. You hairstyle looks great too! Thanks for sharing. Do drop by my blog as well : 🙂

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    1. So sweet of you😊thank you


  2. Harsha says:


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  3. Vinuthagowda says:

    Soo nice ur lukin beautiful dea

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    1. Thank you so much😘


  4. Ganesh Bhushan says:

    Awesome 👌✌

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    1. Thank you Ganesh 😃


  5. Sampada Nadig says:

    You both are so pretty and the outfit you are wearing awesome! I love the casual vibe created with basic jeans and the cape thrown on. You both dress up so well! Hairstyles add more beauty to it !

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    1. thank you so much😘


  6. sonika raj says:

    You both look beautiful

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  7. EricaSpeaks says:

    That is one beautiful ensemble! You look gorgeous! For an interesting flashback on some of the influential street styles of 2k16, do visit my blog!

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