We girls love our hands!;) Don’t we ? And what makes them more special? Fingers! Yup , I just can’t imagine my  hands without fingers😂  to make them more pretty we paint our nails ! So what do fingers get ?  ring-õ-ring ¥ 

Hello people , welcome to our blog again ! This week we are solely dedicating this post for the love of finger rings 😉  here we get you a small collection of some of our favorite finger rings this season!

  • Tiara rings – tiara rings or the so-called princess crown rings these are so cute and adorable that every girl would fall in love with it at first sight 😂do try them there are again plenty of them online and I got mine from Amazon!
  • Mourning  rings – these rings are a little bulgy and a little cute ! They add glamour to boring fingers so everytime you see them ,  you can’t get over them;) they have certain floral pattern and are so feminine !
  •  Spiral rings – spiral ones jass up your complete attire as they highlight themselves in any wear! And are never out of trend and are preferred for party wear actually! But you can  be your own kind of fashionista 😀
  • Cocktail rings – cocktail rings are best suited for regular use as they are so cool yet 
    comforting at the same time those large stones embedded are so elegant!

  • Antique rings – as the name itself, they are antique and precious ! A must have for any ethnic outfit , all those kundhan  stones and shimmers make your day !
  • Claddagh rings – claddagh rings are embellished with those  precious stones and are symbol of peace , they are apt for everyday use.

So girls this is it ! Hope you enjoyed reading about rings and getting to know a little about them thanks again for your time!

See you soon!



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    1. Dhanu says:

      Best blog publisher ever…!!!!
      Awesome<3 🙂

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