D I Y ! 

Hello my lovely readers out there !  Hope you’re all doing well so this week, we are up with a DIY bracelet $$ and if u wish to, you can wear it as a neckpiece too ! Isn’t that cool ?

Hit by boordem ? Here we have something creative and its a perfect one to do when you’re literally bored!😂 

PS: It’s a one which consumes a lot of time so make sure you only try it when you’re cool otherwise  you would end up messing it😜

Instead of spending your money on those expensive ones online just try this simple DIY , I’m sure you can fetch the requirements for this DIY at your place 

Things your gonna need:

  •  Regular Thread ( two separate ones)
  • Coloured beeds of your choice 
  • Scissors 
  •  A pack of Safety pins (I used gold coloured one)


  1. Measure the length of the thread twice as much as your wrist and cut two pieces of thread accordingly, be careful while you cut , as the thread forms the base for this DIY 
  2. Now just map as to how many pins you need according to the thread length 
  3. Start filling the beeds into the pins as so in the picture and then secure the pins follow the same until you’re done filling all the pins
  4. Now insert the thread from both the ends of the pin and secure with a knott 
  5. Continue doing the same and once you finish inserting all of them, your good to go !

Flaunt your bracelet by pairing up with other pale colored ones or simply wear it alone to make it simple! So that is it girls 

Go ahead and try out this DIY 😀 I hope you’ll enjoy doing it , try it with different beeds and shapes , be creative and let the magic in your hands show it off!

Until next post 💕


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