Holla ! Happy monsoons
Here I’m with my new blog post
And this post is all about my new skirt from        my cute  little wardrobe !
      Yes These skirts really look gorgeous !
And lot of my friends actually loved this skirt and complemented me on this !!  These Skirts  will never fail to get you the super gorgeous look ♥♡

  OUTFITS what we are wearing?
A plain black lace top ! & Blackoff shouder top!!
RED skirt & Blue skirt
Jhuthas !
Pearl earpiece!!
Blue beed necklace !


RED goes with everything ! And all ocassions!  This bright Red colour which is really vibrant is paired up with a lace black top ! Lace tops which are  on trend and basic essentials ! This outfit will really give that princess feel ! And its tooo easy to get this look !! 

BLUE 😍😘💙💙

Blues are such outing colour and beautiful as the colour itself !!

Blue and black !! Yes this combination can never go wrong!

I have styled  my hair with this hair accessory basically not a tiara but something cute which I found online !

Well I have to say about  these footwear ♥  they are kinda my favorites cause they impart even more grace and  not just skirts it matches up all the kurtas! selwars! Kurthies !! These are like 

supercool and so comfortable !

Hope you all liked this post !have great weekend !:D

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 :*


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