caping it !! ❤

Holla all my lovely readers , this week I’m gonna share with you how I would like to style my cape-top , since cape’s are all-time favorites, I’m so excited to share my cape story with you guys 

The best thing I like about it is the single elongated slit at one end and on the other end it’s sealed and you feel like it’s a maxi-dress  and you’ll feel so light when you fit into it ! It’s a must have I believe $$

And you’re choosing it make sure that you’ll pick a one which is bright or you would go with a floral printed on it! They would make wonders if you’re going to style it with any kind of trousers 

Now , I would like to show how I styled up my cape 😁                            I was happy with this one my Sisy  got from an offline store! U can always find a out easily at  any online store 

I just grabbed a white plan high waist Jean coz my cape has   floralprints allover it ….                

About the accessories, I would so life would be so boring without accessories to me😂😂 I have paired it with a pearl necklace and for the hand I made it with some colorful bracelets. Without much effort to hair I just let them free and lastly these cute slip-ons footwear completed my look for the day !!:D 

Stay confident on what you style and Show it off your way😎

So that’s it girls, hurry and grab your favorite one and style it your own way ,  slay it like a fashion Goddess ;);) 

And I so thankfull to all of you who made time to read this😁

Until next post :D:D


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