denim desires 👖👕💫👢

Hey guys ! Hope everyone’s doing well, so  I’m here today sharing my Denim lookbook which I badly wanted to post long back 

Denims !!yeah the  first thing that comes into our mind when we hear about denims  are popular jeans!!

But today I’m gonna take you people into my  whole new look book  on how you can create super wow !classy looks with your denims !!
So let’s sneak into the lookbook 😁


Firstly the Distressed Jean which are  currently everyone’s wardrobe essentials !.and these are super comfortable  And matching your top with Jean isn’t really  that hard! You can try white which imparts the perfect chicklook !and it’s simple and classy casuals 

Look 1 : Denim on Denim 

I’m wearing a distressed Denim pants with my hot favorite Denim jacket !! Cause Denims are supercool and it’s the trending!!so my girls go grab your Distressed Denims and update your fashion diaries!

Its absolutely fabulous! I know you love this look 😉

Look 2: Denim With Tie top 

Yes Denim on Denim is super cool but Denim and tie top is Hot!!😂

Look 3:

Denim top and a regular Jean 

This is so casual like you can wear it on daily basis like college or day out with buddies! 

Look 4:

Denim top and a pleated skirt!

This outfit is a perfect choice when you’re tripping over! Trust me it’s so comforting!

Look 5:

Denim skirt and a basic top

Yeah! Denim skirts are all time favorites and when you pair it with a simple tee/top , you’re all set 

Look 6:

Denim dress

Denim dress in a darker shade is currently on trend again! Just a belt with it and your all set to rock!!

This was the way we styled with Denims, you can add your own matching colours with Denims to make ur perfect outfit! 

Remember , keep it simple yet effective  ! Stay fashionable, be your own kind of fashionista!😍



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  1. Suchithra shetty says:

    Wow awsm😍. Luv it!!… Great job!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you suchi :* ♥♡♡♡


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