D I Y !! 

Holla people !! This week we are up with diys ….   Sorry guys we know that we’re too late to post this, since last week was quite a busy week !

So let’s get started:D 

 Well , First we’ll see what are the requirements for our diys

Our first one is a  choker! Yes u heard it right, the 90’s style are back into action! And so are we;) making our own cute choker! Why simply spend money on something  when you can actually diy it ??

What you will need:

  1. A simple/sequenced lace of your choice 
  2. Hooks , charms if needed 
  3. Scissors, glue if necessary 
  4. A measuring scale.

 All these are easily available at your place , so you can easily fetch them  without spending money!

Steps :

1)  take the measuring scale and start measuring out the length of the lace mine was an 16 cm one based on your requirement measure and cut out the lace using the scissor  

2) now take out your hooks and properly map out as to where your hook are to be placed and the correctly cut ends

3) this is an additional step if you want to have a charm at the center then go ahead and add your charm at the exact place you mapped earlier 

4) now using a glue or  by hook extensions attach  both your hooks at each ends and make sure you have placed it well ! 

Volla!! Now your all set to slay with your charming choker without out even spending a pie !;)

This  how it looks once it’s done! 😀 And below this I have shown the way I wore it;) ! I believe you’ll have fun doing ! Gud day 😀

Until next time💕

 Thank you – Fashionfairies😘😍


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