Holla fashionista’s!
DUNGAREES are Everyb

ody’s all time favorites ! SUMMER OR WINTER Dungarees will give you that all time ready look !
You get that perfect look of outing with ua dungarees
Dungarees is more trendy and comfortable and gives a sportive Confident look


Its kinda fun too wear dungarees ! Denim Dungarees Are my favorites♡♥ ! You know it kinda makes me look BolD and boots my confidence

!  There are vide variety of dungarees 1) denim dungarees 2) dungaree dress 3) dungaree shorts


YOU can wear your dungarees for all out door events like trecks! Road trips! Shopping and all TIMES
Dungarees are casuals 
And you get dungarees in a vibrant range of colours and yeah differt cuts and patterns
Penil cut fitting dungarees
If you hav a dark coloured dungarees then you gotta match up with a lighter shades t-shirts like white ,sky blue .etc


If you have a light coloured denim dunagrees you can wear a bright yellow or pink colour t shirts or speagaties which enhances the beauty of ua dangarees

FOOTWEAR! yes choosing a perfect footwear for your dunagrees isn’t a big deal and girlies keep in ua mind that these long length dungarees will actullay make you taller ! So better go with flats or shoes in blues or any colour which goes with your outfit

And yes don’t forgot ua accessories!!!!
As dungarees are plain you gotta add a dash of style with your accessories
SHADES if youimage

r goin out then shades are must!!
You will look classy with shades and dungarees
Watches ! Rings or anything you like but just make sure it isn’t heavy !
Create your own style statement !Rock on ! Happy weekends !enjoy !

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