Chord sets

I’m very much excited to speak about chord sets which imparts an exotic look!and makes you more “Elegant ”
Well be it party or 

marriages,These chord sets Will be talk of the town!  Chord sets with more slits in it will add a dash of elegance to your charm ! You will get that princess feeling with more falir bottom ! And will surely look gorgeous !  Any kind of accessories match up chordsets which adds more glitter to your outfits!! Party’s or marriage or be it any other event you can be the talk of the town ! Chord set makes it  tooo
  easy for you to flaunt around and create your style statement ! Chord set is actullay a fusion piece !
Things  you should know before choosing chord sets are
1) fristly The quality of the cloth ! Material which ua chord set is stiched  or you wanna stich !plain or printed stuff like “Florals”

2) the colour ! Yes colour  because it’s the one which makes dress even more attractive and adds glam  you can either Choose same colour for crop top and maxi skirt else you can choose different “vibrant” colours and create a “CONTRAST”!

3)Thirdly choose a right pair of Silitoes or Wedges and yeah Accessories !
Try to Accessorize your self with Dazzling neck pice create ua own style stament


This is my  Floral  chord set
As you can see it as slits in the skirts and the combination is good contrast



Plain different combination chord set you can match up any colours and yes  you can use different ready blouses you like ! And yeah OFF shoulders♥♥♥♥♥♥ these off shoulder tops are the new trend and its toooo awesome

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